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Thank God Rocky is back

What a great Christmas gift for all the fans in the whole wide world: Rocky is finally back. In the trailer alone this movie has plenty of spiritual references: Rocky's coach wears a big silver cross around his neck and the champion makes the sign of a cross in his ring corner. Don't forget to check the official movie blog . Peter Chattaway largely discusses religion in the previous Rocky movies combined with chronological errors.

NBA 2K7 - With Shaq, we pray

The year 2007 is coming closer and closer. Next year's NBA games are on sale for months. EA offers NBA LIVE 2007 and 2K Sports comes along with NBA 2K7 . That is where you cannot only perform great dunks but great prayers as well.

barefoot tests spiritual branding

Imagine you had to sell fishing and hunting gear. You would probably ask some marketing people like barefoot to delevop a capaign. The result is a test of spiritual branding just like this Delamere & Hopkins poster:

Jesus, James and Ali

My new favorite picture Originally uploaded by thecreatrus . Jesus Christ was born on Christmas Day and James Brown died on that day. SFGate lists more connections between the Godfather of Soul and the Sun of God. James Brown was a real sportsman too as in 1974 he performed in Zaire as part of the build up to the The Rumble in the Jungle fight between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman.

The Pope's dunks

Did you know? In 2000 Pope John Paul II was named an Honorary Harlem Globetrotter .

sportive christmas

A happy sportive christmas to our readers! On Christmas Eve there are 12 NFL games. NBA and NHL prefer a time of contemplation. On Christmas Day there are 2 NFL games, 1 NBA game and no single NHL game. Go to church, go to the stadium, go where ever you want to. But for heaven's sake: go! Mary, Joseph and the shepherds did as well!

Cologne Centurions visiting Cologne Cathedral Duggan

Head Coach David Duggan thinks cathedral steps and stadium steps are both great training facilities

Chris Samp on Rheinfire and YMCA

Chris Samp is Wide Receiver of Rheinfire. The 25 year old man was brought to YMCA by his friends and is happy his NFLEL-Team beated the Centurions.

JR Nikols: We were blessed

Frankfurt's Running Back on Galaxy's victory and God's blessing

Brian Bratton: I don't blame God for the Centurions' loss

Cologne's Wide Receiver on the Centurions' loss and God's help.

Brandon Middleton on St. Louis Spirituality

Berlins Wides Receiver plays for the Rams as well and talks about his teams as spiritual communities.

Football Liturgy

The Liturgy of a Football Service can be well observed at the Cologne Centurions.

NFLE prayers 2005

Cologne Centurions vs. Rheinfire Originally uploaded by playersprayers . From the depth of our archives: This photoset shows you the most spiritual moments of NFLEL Season 2005.

NFLE prayers 2004

Worldbowl XII Originally uploaded by playersprayers . Find all photos of praying around the field of glory in this photoset .
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