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Joy Enrique blesses Virgil Hill

Joy Enriquez's myspace profile is filed under "Christian / Pop / R&B". As her next upcoming show you find: "Mar 31 2007 8:00P Live Performance Munich" Most of her songs are based on faith. In Munich she will perform her new song "Conquer" as walk-in for her friend Virgil Hill after presenting The Star-Sprangled Banner.

International Philosophy Soccer Match

Germany's greatest philosophers are desperately beaten by ancient Greeks. Manager of the German team is Dr. Martin Luther . Thomas Aquinas serves as a linesman.

Bibles for the olympics

Liu Bainian, Vice President of the Patriotic Association in China, suggests to put Bibles at Beijing's hotel rooms in preparation of the 2008 Olympic Games. In general the destribution of Bibles is constricted by the communist regime. via CHINAdaily

FIFA to ban religion

FIFA decided to experiment with goal-line technology. But the latest IFAB meeting also resulted in several changes to the wording of the Laws of the Game, e.g.: "The player's equipment must not carry any political, religious or personal statements" i.e.: Of course you earn your money not just by kicking the ball, but by expressing your personality. Your personality as a soccer professional has to be free of politics, religion or personal opinion. Glory to the game! Maybe in future we won't be allowed to use the "soccer" label anymore when blogging about sport and spirituality. What a shame!

Social bookmarking

What's the most useful social bookmarking site for PlayersPrayers readers? - A test on sport and spirituality: #1 Furl with 686 results #2 with 28 results #3 ma.gnolia with 0 results #4 Spurl with 0 results

Cheerleaders Vs. Nuns

Whom do you want to wash your car? via Jalopnick