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This blog is on hold until further notice. sports books | spirituality books


OMG! You can't say that! But more and more people do and they have a good reason:"You wouldn’t believe in a God who didn’t want us to have emotion," said Jay, who prefers "Jesus Christ" and "God damn" on the golf course. "You can’t have a religion that doesn’t have forgiveness about these kinds of things either." read more | digg story

Faith makes Warner win Super Bowl

Being a person of faith helps you leading a focused life. That is why Mark Kriegel thinks God wants Kurt Warner to win another Super Bowl. read more | digg story

666 Training

Can you believe that Marc & Derek promote a 666 Training?- Sounds like a sound routine : "6 sets of 6 reps in 6 minutes flat! Feel the burn on that last set!" Burns like hell! sports books | spirituality books