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Arnold at 60

Arnold Schwarzenegger used to be the youngest Mr. Universe ever at the age of 20. He was raised in a very strict catholic home. Now he turns 60 and some like the idea of having him as President of the United States. God bless Arnold .

Extraordinary Lives - Who moved you the most?

USA TODAY lists 25 people who moved the editorial staff in the past quarter-century. Here are sportswomen and -men among them: #5 Lance Armstrong #14 Arthur Ashe #15 U.S. Women’s Soccer Team, 1999 #19 Pat Tillman #20 Muhammad Ali Spiritual people are just found in the top 10: #7 Pope John Paul II #10 Mother Teresa

Body & Soul or Faith & Fitness

Henry G. Brinton knows of 250 people who after a worship service ran a half-marathon, 13.1 miles. Being pastor of Fairfax Presbyterian Church in Virginia he's aware that that 76% of Christian clergy are either overweight or obese (compared with 61% of the general population). Lucky enough there are programs that help moving closer to a life of integrity by pursuing health and wholeness in weekend worship and weekday workouts such as Body & Soul Ministries and those covered by Faith & Fitness Magazine .

David Beckham wants more blessing

David Beckham debuts with LA Galaxy spending just 12 minutes on-field. He is much more interested in divine family affairs : "I'd love a little girl but we're blessed to have three beautiful boys. And if we're blessed to have another one or two children then that would be a blessing", Becks said.

David Beckham's Arrival...

... was as subtle as a fart in church, says the Sports Frog .

4 SecondLife Places to be on July 4

The first place on Second Life to be today is the Library of Congress Exhibit. Then let's proceed to ALM CyberChurch. Third stop: Yankee Stadium. And finally: a celebration of freedom!