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Peter vs. McCline

Don King is a lover of big words. Peter vs. McCline is not just a fight but merely a question of Faith, Hope and Glory. Do the two boxers agree? Samuel Peter is known to be a devout Christian man who neither drinks nor smokes. So we could call him faith-based. Jameel McCline shows a collection of assorted family photos on his website . The first two pictures show wedding and Christmas scenes, his wife and two daugthers. So he is really a man of hope. Both of them are longing to be WBC heavyweight champion and want to enjoy the Glory of the title. Don King is right.

Google's Quality defeats Yahoo's Quantity

Compete has just completed a study that says Yahoo compared to Google and Live is the most reliable search engine when it comes to the share of search queries resulting in a referral called "web search fulfillment": Now let's see if that is also true as far as the search query "sport and spirituality" is concerned: Quantity Most results (4,790,000) are delivered by Yahoo . Google finds as many as 2,280,000 pages. Live is not really part of the game with 524,474 results. Quality (i.e. the number of unique meaningful links on the first results page) Yahoo shows 5 real hits (York St John, The Sport Journal, Neumann College, Christian Today, Catholic Mom) and 4 nonsense links (,,, Google knows 6 relevant websites (York St John, The Sport Journal, Catholic Online, Neumann College, Buzzle, Springfield College) and 3 scam hits (,, Live comes up with 5 unique meaningful links (KSL I

celebrating social bookmarking

This is post # 101 on Time to celebrate by looking back and forth. First let's look back to about half a year ago when we had our first social bookmarking test . When you say social bookmarking you bet delicious is to win the game. Not here: it was furl . But since delicious celebrated their 4th birthday not long ago and has announced a major redesign , it is time now to redo our test. What's the most useful social bookmarking site for PlayersPrayers readers? - A test on "sport and spirituality": #1 Furl with 777 results #2 with 49 results #4 simpy with 4 results #4 mister-wong with 1 result Still delicious is only number two when it comes to highly specific bookmarks. Yet it is still number one as size matters . Now let's take a look deeper in the past: PlayersPrayers started on March 30th in 2004. Since then there have been 423 posts on . On December 28th 2006 we launched this international edition you are

Don’t just shoot the action!

College Sports Fans Wedding Cake Topper Originally uploaded by Magicmud dPS offers a great variety of digital Photography Tips: Most recent: Introduction to Sports Photography Seasonal: 16 Digital Photography Tips for Christmas Occasional: Wedding Photography - 21 Tips for for Amateur Wedding Photographers

Iron Man seeking eternal life

red sea urchin originally uploaded by churchballerina Jerry Brainum knows Jeanne Calmet to be the longest-lived human on record. She made it to age 122 and said "I have been forgotten by the Good Lord!". Let me add Methuselah to the records and increase maximum age to 969 . Jerry Brainum is aware of Methuselah as well just thinking of a bristlecone pine tree . Whenever it comes to life and death the bodybuilding specialist is urged to refer to biblical names as the red sea urchin pictured.


Promise of God has an inspirational story about a golfer: "On the night of your incident in Africa, it was morning here and I was preparing to go play golf. I was about to putt when I felt the urge to pray for you. ( read more )" via Reflections

Stadium and Church @ Flickr and Photobucket

On April 24 flickr had a 7.74 church per stadium ratio. On photobucket it was 5.36. Today flickr found 812.496 photos tagged with church. photobucket has 130.184 church images. flickr found 115.589 photos tagged with stadium. photobucket has 24.584 stadium images. Church/Stadium on flickr = 7.02 Church/Stadium on photobucket = 5.3 On both sites the church per stadium ratio is decreasing.

Holiness and Airness

With USA Today's Top25 most influential people there are 4 men related to sports and spirituality. We are sorry there are only men, but it looks like women are not equally influential at all. They are just represented as media workers: Oprah Winfrey (3), J.K. Rowling (20) or ambitious wives: Bill & Hillary Clinton (21&22). Half of the sport-and-spirituality-guys are abusers and half of them are rightful bearers of their label: Osama bin Laden (6) is known and claims to be a Muslim but as an Islamist he is rather and abuser of religion. Lance Armstrong (8) was widely recognized as professional cyclist but then gained discredit through drug abuse which is not part of true sportsmanship. Pope John Paul II (9) is a true representative of proper religion. Michael Jordan (17) is a pope, too. His domion was named basketball. Summary: His Holiness and His Airness make the list a draw. read more

Famous Jewish Sports Legends

Jonah Keri lists The 18 best Jewish ballplayers of all time . Sandy Koufax ranks #1 as he decided to put his religious beliefs ahead of his pitching career and refused to play on Yom Kippur in 1965. By the way: the number "18" in Hebrew numerology, stands for the word "Chai," meaning "life", so this is not a top 10 list.